Serving Those Who Serve Us

Pharr High Performance spins yarns from fibers that have unique inherent properties, such as flame and/or heat resistance, chemical resistance and cut resistance. Our yarn is used extensively in personal protective textiles, including firefighters’ uniforms and military garments.

Protection Is Our Purpose

Pharr High Performance is in the business of protecting people’s lives and their livelihoods and we pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to know, understand and exceed all our customer’s specific needs to ensure this happens.

We start by working with each customer to define the end use and testing protocols that are to be met, we use fibers from our 150+ fiber arsenal that have the inherent properties that once spun, will pass protocols and ultimately design a high-performance yarn specific to each need of every customer. Once our high-performance yarns are spun and sent downstream, we continue to follow it; this is how we certify our yarns are performing at the highest standards and how we continue to improve upon our future blends.

Market Segments

Fire Service

Imagine your local firefighters and first responders, and the heavy load they must bear – we believe their gear shouldn’t add to that. Pharr High Performance source fibers to create yarn that will be used to create fire resistant liners, outer shells and accessories that stand up to the thermal hazards they may face. Working with Pharr HP means working with a specialized team dedicated to creating the most innovated fiber blends to ensure testing protocols are met and our firefighters and first responders make it home safely.


From active duty and special ops to life on base, protecting those who protect us is at the forefront of every process Pharr High Performance does. With the right protective garments, service men and women have one less thing to worry about in those tough situations, and those garments come from high performance yarns that are spun from various Berry Compliant fibers that meet and exceed testing protocols. Whether in the air, on a boat, artillery soldiers or foot soldiers, Pharr High Performance makes it our mission to protect them from flare ups. Our heroes deserve the best protection, and that protection starts with Pharr High Performance

Industrial Work Wear

These are the industrial athletes who keep power and natural gas coming to our homes, those individuals who refine oil into gas and drill for oil, and those in factories making a variety of ingredients and consumer products.  The challenge is to keep them safe during working hours in garments that can then be worn fashionably to the ball park or dinner. Our team of innovators has meticulously tested fibers that help defend against flame and fire, electric arc flash, cut hazards and chemicals to create specific high-performance yarns.

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