Historic McAdenville

Situated along the South Fork River, just west of Charlotte, NC, lies McAdenville. Overflowing with opportunities for business, living and visiting, the town celebrates its rich history while embracing the promise and advantages of today’s time.

Steeped in Tradition

The moment you enter McAdenville, you will see a town that is built on community, where the living is easy, neighbors become friends and memories last a lifetime. At first glance, McAdenville may seem like an ordinary small town in America, but what separates McAdenville from the rest is the sense of pride in its unique history and faith in its future. From the new restaurant and shops joining the picturesque Historic Downtown, to the river access and trails, there has never been a better time to visit McAdenville.

Community Footholds

Heritage and Faith

Our town represents what can happen when the willpower of hard working people, the vision of enlightened collaborations, the leadership of corporate stewards, and a compassionate caring community of co-workers, families, friends and neighbors all come together for the betterment of a community.


McAden Mills was a pioneering cotton factory considered to be the first truly modern textile mill of its time. It grew to be the largest in Gaston County through its innovative approach to operations. In 1883, Thomas Edison was hired to build a hydroelectric generator, “No. 31” known as a dynamo, to power the lighting in the mill and mill houses.


 Branded Christmas Town, U.S.A.® in 1993, McAdenville’s 26 days of holiday splendor was inspired by the McAdenville Men’s Club when members decorated nine trees around the McAdenville Community Center in 1956.

Explore a Festive Tradition

Christmas Town, U.S.A.®