Serving Those Who Serve Us

Pharr High Performance spins yarns from fibers that have unique inherent properties, such as flame and/or heat resistance, chemical resistance and cut resistance. Our yarn is used extensively in personal protective textiles, including firefighters’ uniforms and military garments.

Pharr High Performance

We are Pharr High Performance, and we make one product: exactly what you, our customer, need. We invent and manufacture high-performance yarns to achieve your precise goals. No matter how complex. No matter how “never been done before.” Because the technology we create is what saves people’s lives, from firefighters to soldiers to lineworkers to oil rig workers, all over the world.


Market Segments

Military • Fire Service • Narrow Wovens • Industrial, Industrial Work Wear + Air Filters • Gloves

Innovation that Protects

Pharr High Performance is in the business of protecting people’s lives and their livelihoods and we pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to know, understand and exceed all our customer’s specific needs to ensure this happens. We start by working with each customer to define the end use and testing protocols that are to be met, we use fibers from our 150+ fiber arsenal that have the inherent properties that once spun, will pass protocols and ultimately design a high-performance yarn specific to each need of every customer. Once our high-performance yarns are spun and sent downstream, we continue to follow it; this is how we certify our yarns are performing at the highest standards and how we continue to improve upon our future blends.

Tried and True

Since our start, we’ve led the industry in technological expertise. We do it because we value our customers. We listen to you. We learn your system backwards and forwards. We engineer the optimal solution for your needs. And then we support you to ensure your product’s unequivocal success. That’s how we earned our reputation as the most trusted partner in high-performance yarns. It’s a reputation we continue earning every day, with every customer.

What’s New at Pharr

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